How JustRestaurant came to be?

With the growing popularity of smartphones, tablets and intense growth of sales through these tools, came the opportunity to create a unique and well crafted product at a very accessible price. Unlike most of its competitors, JustRestaurant does not charge any commission on your sales, and the subscription fee provides restaurant owners with total independence and peace of mind to run their businesses. JustRestaurant is also available for all platforms.

Why have an app for my restaurant?

A business that has its own app is one step closer to building a long term relationship with its clients, providing convenience and getting to know the preferences of each client. Understanding their suggestions, receiving reviews and even offering exclusive benefits to the users of your app, helping to solidify the relationship between guest and restaurant. 

Better yet, JustRestaurant allows you to manage all of your orders, menu item, waiting lists, reservations and more with ease, in one place, whether by smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, at anytime, anywhere.

Available for all platforms

Access from anywhere, available for any browser and every mobile platform and tablets. Bring the uniqueness of an app e-commerce to your restaurant, convenience to your clients and growth to your sales. With JustRestaurant available in every platform, you can manage your business' sales in one place. It's simple, easy and secure!

How does the iOS and Android apps work?

Your clients will be able to download the app on both platforms. Your restaurant's app will feature your own brand and visual identity, your menu, the payment options your restaurant works with and all the exclusive benefits that only your restaurant offers. 

Your clients will be able to order from the app, add extras, order drinks and choose between delivery or pick up. JustRestaurant also features a control panel so you can manage orders, add or edit products on your menu in real-time.